He is not God but

For me he is not God of cricket, neither I worship him nor ever made a collage of his pics.

For me he is not a superhero without any weakness or flaw.

For me he is a normal human being with whom I could relate too. A person with middle class upbringing and deep rooted family values. A down to earth, shy and humble human being. A person who may be having few weaknesses as any of us can have. But still he is a role model for me and millions of Indians because he is not just a brilliant cricketer but more than that.

Is it only cricket records that make him great? I don’t think so. His wife thinks he is the best husband, his children find him the best father, Ajit thinks he is best brother, for his parents he is ideal son. It is possible to find many persons like this but along with this if he is ideal pupil for Ramakant Achrekar, Best team men for his captain, For all his junior teammates he is Sachin pa ji,  For all his seniors he is favorite, All from his generations in the team are his friends, He commands respects from his opponents too…………

With all this he carried the burden of expectation of millions of crazy cricket fans who have opinion on every aspect of cricket and most of the times he gave smiles on our faces..

When I saw him playing I was never sure of him not getting out in next few balls (apart form 1-2 years around 2010).. He was not like Dravid or some other players for whom you can think they will provide stability…. We Indians love drama with all the twist and turns and a hero among all that … Sachin with his  style of batting wrote that kind of scripts, as a opener lot of fire work in initial overs then calculated middle overs and heart stopping climax was usual norms in most part of sachin’s carrier.. if we compare his matches to a movie then Most of the times he was successful in providing fast pace, jaw dropping, thrilling first half which raised our expectation from the movie but he was not always present till the climax and as we know end was always not happy… our expectation was him to be present in each frame of movie and happy ending all the time but that’s not possible for any cricketer even for Sachin… I want to remember him as a hero who has given many superhits and many more  super duper first halves…

Hardwork, dedication and emphasis on basics are his some of the qualities to be learned and apply in life but besides that I learned from him being humble whatever you become … In Bhajji , Symonds episode I am dead sure that he would have  definitely taken class of Bhajji but in front of entire world he was the reason which closed the Monkeygate episode and stood with his teammate… I learned to stand by with your team in all the deeds…. Family values are important and should be given utmost respect is another thing that I learned from him…  List is long….

If we talk about Bharat Ratna then Keeping all the politics aside if as an individual I had to select 2 persons whom I have seen in my life  times then they would be Kalam Ji and Sachin just because they have huge positive influence on my life and I hope  on millions of other Indians too. That definitely helped in creating   good Indians and good citizens and in turn a better society and finally a better India in which we have to live…

For me he was a role model, is a role model and will always be…



Today I entered wrong password on my first attempt of logging in to to my blog, It wasn’t any typing  mistake. I actually forgot my password … Another symptom of my longest active absence from Blogosphere…

I missed it… Several thoughts struck my mind…  Several incidents touched my heart… When I felt desperately to write something  I was not having the time and when luxury of time was with me  the hunger of writing was not there…

In last one year or so my life’s Rainbow became more colorful … Met some interesting and impressive people…. enriched with some new experiences.. May be some time will paint my blog with the new colors of my life.. may be..

Six months ago on the same date I entered in the league of married gentlemen …. Life was fast paced since then..

Today when Deepti is busy with her friends in all girls favorite activity (shopping).. I was lazing around after reading few pages of ‘The Inscrutable Americans’… I got the time to write something on my life’s e-canvas…

No thoughts as such but at least came back to my long ignored blog…  Lets see when I will pour more colors here….

My tribute to martyrs of 26 nov… I wrote this poem some time two months back… Famous poet Shri Hari Om Pawar was my inspiration…


1st Nov:  Great Delhi Run.. Once again I was back and running…

Last year was my first opportunity to participate in any running event.. I was better prepared, high on enthu, determined and best thing, I was in Delhi..

That time I thought I would be back next year to participate in this carnival like event and I fulfilled promise to myself.. This time I completed the race in 35 minutes, I guess last time it was 32.5 min… Still I was more than happy…

Long distance running teaches you to break mental blocks that a person creates for himself.. I felt proud that I broke one such barrier… Going Dehradun to Delhi just to participate in a running event like Great Delhi run… Many people were puzzled and commented on it. But  I think guys like Ashish and Niloy can understand the charm of running….

Personally for me race was more difficult and non serious people cause more hurdles as I was finding it difficult to get my pace and rhythm.. If I come next year(I hope so), I will be in the front row to avoid such problems…

Biking, Trekking and photography are becoming my new hobbies but I hope my passion for running will remain the same and when Delhi calls next time, I will be there…



Just heard chetan Bhagat saying there is no youth power… youth is just having spending power…. we are used as a brand…. We as youth power can not do anything.. power still lies in the hand of older generation and we have to snatch it … youth can not open a college, can not ask tax cuts for them selves, can not force a policy change, we don’t participate in reform talks and actions, we are not one vote bank, we are scattered and that’s why we will always be used…. result is we are disillusioned…

this man always touch my thought chain… he made me think once again….

My Dream..

I wrote this poem some time 5 years ago. At that time Kalam sir was the president and he was inspiring  Indian youth. I revisited this poem while writing a new one this year. Thought to put it on the blog. If you wish to listen it you can visit


recorded on laptop so unable to provide true flavor of ‘veer rus’ because of noise problem.

मेरी इच्छा मेरा सपना, विश्वविजयी हो भारत अपना |
भारत की थी स्वर्णिम पहचान, अब विश्व जिससे अनजान ||

कारण इसके क्या-क्या खोजूं , हर कारण में खुद को पाता हूँ |
दोषी दूजे को बोलूँ , पहले खुद को दोषी पाता हूँ ||

जाग उठा ईमान है मेरा, जाग उठी है मेरी आशा |
विश्वविजयी भारत की, करने को पूरी अभिलाषा ||

उठो जागो भारत के युवा, भारत का लोहा मनवाना है |
कदम ताल से कदम मिलाओ, आज विश्व को थर्राना है ||

जगा न गर स्वाभिमान तुम्हारा, देश गुलाम हो जायेगा |
इतने टुकड़े होंगे भारत के, लज्जित रशिया भी इतराएगा ||

देश के मुखिया का है कहना, युवा है भारत का गहना |
सच ये कर दिखलाना है, हर युवा को आगे आना है ||

मैं भारत का युवा हूँ, पहला कदम बढाऊंगा |
काँटों की राह पे चल, देश को उन्नत बनाऊंगा ||

मेरे हैं विचार अलग, अलग है मेरी परिभाषा |
भावों का उद्वेग अलग है, अलग है मेरी अभिलाषा ||

बात करुँ ना मंडल की, खून से सने कमंडल की |
बिश्व विजेता बनने को, बात करुँ मैं भूमंडल की ||

विश्व का होना अगुआ हमको, पिछलग्गू क्यों बनते हैं |
बेगैरत देशों के हाथों, कठपुतली क्यों बनते हैं ||

सिद्धांतों की बातें छोड़, हकीकत को अपनाना होगा |
विश्व से बात मनवाने को, हर युवा को आगे आना होगा ||

साँपों से घिरे भारत को, शक्तिशाली बनाना होगा |
आतंकवाद का फन कुचल, कदम आगे बढाना होगा ||

टूटे सोये लोगों  के साथ, राह नहीं अपनी आसान |
गरीबी स्वार्थ न कोई आत्मसम्मान, बन चुका देश की पहचान ||

पवन सुत के इस देश में, हर कोई खुद से अनजान  |
हार गए हैं , टूट गए हैं, बिखर चुके हैं उनके अरमान ||

शिकायतों का पुलिंदा सबका, न किसी के पास समाधान |
असंतोष की इस ज्वाला में, भारत होता है बदनाम ||

निराशा के घुप्प अंधियारे में, आशा का दिया जलाना है |
अथाह धैर्य की परीक्षा में, हर युवा को आगे आना है ||

पचास करोड़ को मिलकर साथ, राष्ट्रवादी आंधी को लाना है |
नए विचार का कर सूत्रपात, समस्या  को दूर भगाना है ||

उदय नयी क्रान्ति का कर, देश का विश्वास जगाना है |
हर किसी को अहसास हो , भारत  को आगे लाना है ||
भारत को विश्वविजयी बनाना  है |

जब ये सपना हकीकत बन जायेगा, विश्व नतमस्तक हो जाएगा |
भारत विश्वविजयी बन जाएगा, मेरा सपना सच हो जाएगा ||
मेरा सपना सच हो जाएगा ||

जय हिंद

Great Delhi Run..

Preparation for the run is back on track… running 3-3.5 km these days… I think last year i was better prepared… still  27 days remaining and hoping to catch up my target… I am working on increasing my mileage .. added 500 meters in last one week… Most difficult part is to leave your bed early in the morning specially in Dehradun.. You become lazy in such pleasant weather…